Development of an Autonomous Mobile Robot - Control, SLAM, Planning, Exploration

Robotic Systems Laboratory, University of Michigan

This work was completed for the lab as a team project by a group of 4.

My contribution to this work : My major contributions include development and tuning of the PID Controller, development of the Particle Filter localization module and A* planning module.

Problem Description

Implementing and analyzing the various modules of an autonomous mobile robot. 

Doing so, involves developing algorithms for

Project overview

In this project, the autonomous mobile robot was assembled, development of a complete software stack for the robot from control to exploration and completing various tasks, performing various graphical analyses on the performance of the robot

Key achievements

Development of 


Analysis of/over

* - Effective Sample Size


As an illustration of the work done at the low level control, shown here are the motor calibration results and trajectories over a square path 

SLAM - Particle Filter Localization, Occupancy Grid Mapping

A Map generated with obstacles in the  environment, and the distribution of particles over a trajectory is shown

Project outcome

Various tasks were completed to test the system and its robustness. Results from some of the tasks are shown here

SLAM Path vs Odometry Path

Exploration task - Explore region and return       home