Learn Robotics and Navigate Graduate School With me!


Let's connect!

What do I mean?

Are you interested in Robotics, but not sure where to start?

I can help you through that journey with 1-1 classes and mentorship!

Be it the math that get robots moving or the code behind cool algorithms, we can explore it all!

If you are interested, send me an email at: thiruchl@umich.edu and we can talk more! 

All you need is the passion to learn, and we'll come up with a customized plan, suited to your needs and experience!

Why am I doing this?

Being in graduate school, I have first hand knowledge of how vast the field of robotics is, and how quickly it's changing. As much as there is great content online to learn robotics, what I found through my Undergrad and during graduate school, is the lack of sophistry in both quality and quantity of the content. To become a true roboticist, you not only need to learn how to make things work, but also the why, and what if's, primarily as the technology in the field changes by the day. And, you got to keep up! So, yeah...I would love to share what I learnt, with a personal touch, to ensure you can get going in your journey to building robots and making them intelligent!

What's the plan?

If you are someone who loves to explore the nitty gritty of things work, we can focus on learning the Math and the theoretical foundations of robotics, while also doing the practical stuff!

If not, we can jump right coding up algorithms, and doing cool robotics!

Or we can mix and match between the two, as per your interests.

Once we chat more, I will send you customized plans, which we will further refine, and hit the road running!